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At HandyPros Home Services, we’re your go-to team for all of your essential home improvement needs in the Springdale, AR area! With a wide range of expertise, we’re here to provide top-notch services to make your home look and function its best. So whether you need help with drywall repair, hanging holiday lights, interior painting, installing baseboards, tiling, door installation, or cabinet refinishing, we’ve got you covered



Hanging Holiday Lights and Decorations

Let us take the hassle out of hanging holiday lights and decorations. Whether you provide the lights or need us to purchase them for you, we will make sure everything is hung properly and looks fantastic. We will check to ensure everything works correctly, clean up any debris, and make sure your property is holiday-ready.

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Tile Installation

If you need tile installed in your home, our team is up to the task. We will lay drop cloths to minimize mess, demolish the necessary areas, ensure straight lines during installation, use spacers for perfect spacing, grout between tiles, clean off excess grout, and clean up all job-related debris. Your tile will look amazing.

Doors Installation

Door installation can be a tricky task, but we have the expertise to do it right. We will lay drop cloths to minimize mess, remove existing doors, install new doors to be level and plumb, install trim and hardware, and clean up all job-related debris. Your doors will function perfectly and look great.

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