About Us

Thank you for visiting my website and giving me the opportunity to serve you.

I started working in the trades in 2006. I was working on roofs in the Arizona heat for nearly a decade. I then started my first business in 2016, right after my twins were born. I realized I needed to do more for myself to show my daughters a better path of living than what I knew and grew up with.

I started HandyBros Services in 2016 from scratch. I employed a number of people throughout the life of HandyBros and I learned an incredible amount about business and how to run one. The two most important things I learned are to listen to the customers and to take care of the people who take care of the customers. I will take all the things I learned in my previous company and instill them into my new company. Customers & Pros come first and everything else will come together.

I heard my customers from my previous company and experience and decided to create HandyPros Home Services. I put together this Home maintenance Membership Plan in an attempt to help home owners take away the pain of home ownership.

In an effort to change industry standards, I am putting all of my pricing online. I believe all customers have the right to know what kind of service they are receiving and what the cost will be before they make a decision on who to use for their home maintenance.